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Our team would like to wish you a happy holiday season. We hope all the joys of the holidays waft through your home and your heart. However, don’t get too carried away with the foods and drinks you consume, as you still need to be mindful of cavities. If you should find yourself afflicted with a cavity, consider coming into our office for a composite dental filling. Composite dental fillings are highly effective for removing cavities and come with the following benefits:

– Consider dental composites to provide your mouth with a filling that resembles the natural look of teeth.

– If you are seeking out for a dental filling that is mercury-free, composite fillings are your best option.

– If you have very small or microscopic cavities, dental composites can effectively treat them.

– One of the chief benefits of composite fillings is that they can be repaired and replaced several times over without removing the original filling.

– Composite fillings are known to be tremendously effective at filling in the margins of teeth and can function to help prevent leaks from arising later on.

If you would like to book an exam for a dental filling treatment with Dr. Matthew Tuft and the rest of our team at Copperstone Dental, you are welcome to call our dentist office at 208•376•5499 for an appointment in Meridian, Idaho.