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Wisdom teeth are vestigial teeth from a time in human evolution ancient when our ancestors survived on a diet full of tough foods including. Most people like four wisdom teeth, however there are some cases of people have more or fewer. Wisdom teeth usually emerge from the gum tissues in late adolescence.

Some wisdom teeth can come in sideways, becoming impacted. This will require the teeth to be removed before they can damage the root of your otherwise healthy molars. At the same time it’s a good idea to have them removed even if they haven’t caused you any problems.

Just like all of your other teeth, wisdom teeth are subject to plaque and tartar buildup as well as common tooth decay. Wisdom teeth can be challenging to thoroughly clean, this is especially true if they are only partially erupted from the gums.

A dull ache or pain in the gums or the jawbone near the wisdom teeth is often a sign of a problem developing.

As you age your wisdom teeth can become partially fused to the jawbone. If you choose not to have them extracted in youth and they develop decay or gum disease issues that requires removal you could be subject to a much longer recovery time.

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