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When stains are allowed to penetrate deep into tooth enamel, it can leave you with a stained, yellow smile. In most of these cases, your smile cannot be effectively brightened by the mild concentration of whitening agents in retail oral hygiene products.

The most effective way to remove stains from deep within the teeth of your smile is to have the dental healthcare specialists at Copperstone Dental administer a dental bleaching treatment. Our professional tools, techniques and potent whitening agents can eradicate stains, leaving you with the white smile you’ve always wanted.

Going forward, you might want to cut back on dark beverages and abstain from any tobacco use. You might also want to try using retail-grade whitening strips to occasionally remove surface stains.

These are essentially clear sheets of plastic that have been treated with a topical form of hydrogen peroxide. You simply apply them to your teeth and they will whiten minor stains without being noticeable to the casual observer. You will also need to avoid drinking, eating, and using tobacco while the strips are in your mouth.

This makes it possible to maintain your bright, white smile after a dental bleaching treatment or between dental checkups. However, the whitening agents will not be strong enough to remove moderate or newly formed deep stains from teeth.

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